Leave me Alone was done by Rafael Tomazela and Eduardo Pinheiro. It is a Ludum Dare 42 game jam entry which the theme was Running out of space. All the visuals, sounds, gameplay programming, and artificial intelligence were made by us in only 72 hours.

In the group of 3069 submissions, the game got the 565th position. In the Ludum Dare, the ranking is calculated based on its own community feedback, which evaluates the games based on certain criteria as art, theme and game development.

It is a game made in Unity and is a local hotseat competitive multiplayer involving tile destruction. The main goal is to restrict your opponent’s movement until he is unable to move.

Leave me Alone is a hexagonal grid game where each player must block the opponent movement, leaving him with no room for valid plays. The game mechanic involve three major points:

  1. Core mechanic: the player should make two movements in each turn. Every time the player exits a tile it is destroyed, blocking the movement possibilities;
  2. Board: each tile has unique property:
    1. The swamp ends immediately your turn;
    2. The desert must be stepped on two times before it is destroyed;
    3. The mountain is unpassable;
    4. The plain allows players to move without the movement cost;
    5. The forest is a bland tile, without buffs or debuffs.
  3. Powerups:
    1. Tile creation allows players to create tiles to open board places;
    2. Tile destruction allows players to destroy tiles of the board;
    3. Teleportation is used to immediately change player position to any board tile available.

This game used free or open-source version of some well-known tools. The game itself runs in Unity engine, the 3D modeling was done in Blender, the 2D UI interface was done in Gimp, the sound effects are made by Bfxr, and the music was done in the online tool BeepBox. The development happened in a cyclic and iterative manner using the concept of Minimum Viable Product. In each of the delivery cycles, we focused on features and characteristics to enrich this proof of concept.

The source code can be found on Github and the game can be found on the event page. There are some bugs corrections, design problems, and new features that will be attended in the future. In the meanwhile, feel free to give us feedback about the game and how to make it better.


Leave_me_alone_linux.zip 16 MB
Leave_me_alone_mac.zip 18 MB
Leave_me_alone_windows.zip 16 MB

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